Scarlett Bowman

Interview for Candid Magazine: "Procedures & Materials: An Interview With Artist Scarlett Bowman"

Candid Magazine, Issue 15, The Luxury Issue

Candid Magazine, Issue 15, The Luxury Issue

Published in Candid Magazine, 05 June 2017

Repurposing the recycled waste of contemporary culture, Scarlett Bowman’s artworks revisit the Duchampian readymade. Brightly hued fragments of discarded materials appear to hover over the off-white composite, as the semi-abstract forms they create develop an autonomous and distinctive visual language. Eschewing their preconceived utilitarian value, the pieces transcend into the symbolic realm. Through the artist’s re-appropriation of humdrum objects, the compositions simultaneously convey familiarity and strangeness, as well as completeness and provisionality. Candid Magazine’s Ariane Belisle sat down with Scarlett to talk about her practice, in light of the Procedures & Materials exhibition at Collectionair, until 24th July 2017.

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