Through our vast international network, AIB Art Advisory has access to a coveted selection of “off market” artworks. We can offer our clients exclusive pieces from private collections, galleries and artists’ studios.



Transparency is an invaluable luxury in the often mysterious and unregulated art market. AIB Art Advisory offers unbiased advice and full disclosure throughout all stages of the buying process. The client can be as involved or removed from the process as they wish.



Due diligence on authenticity, provenance, value and condition is thoroughly conducted on all works put forward, reducing risks that can potentially be very costly.



Savings in both time and money: We manage all steps in the acquisition process efficiently, including negotiating best possible rates on the clients’ behalf. In most cases the final cost of the work is below market value, even with the associated transactional fees, optimally positioning the client should they wish to resell the work at some stage.