Pae White

Review for This Is Tomorrow: Contemporary Art Magazine: "Pae White: Too Much Night, Again"

Too Much Night Again, South London Gallery, 2013

Too Much Night Again, South London Gallery, 2013

Published in This Is Tomorrow: Contemporary Art Magazine, 22 April 2013

South London Gallery

13 March – 12 May 2013

Dissolving the boundaries between fine and applied art, Pae White’s immersive site-specific installation ‘Too Much Night, Again’ at South London Gallery effortlessly merges art, design, craft and architecture. Vectorial lines of colored acrylic yarn spanning 48 kilometers concurrently coalesce and disperse, forming an intricate web that hovers hauntingly over the exhibition space. This vociferous three-dimensional crosshatching invites visitors to enter the work. Only when enveloped in its cocooned environment do words seep into our consciousness, as letters spelling “TIGER TIME” and “UNMASTERING” take form. While the colossal graphics gradually ebb and flow depending on one’s positioning, the fragile illusion they create burns itself onto the retina. The space is imbued with new meaning. 

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