Gallery Weekend Berlin

Text for Haute Living Magazine (Chicago): "How to Survive Gallery Weekend Berlin"

Haute Living Magazine (Chicago)

Haute Living Magazine (Chicago)

By Marine Tanguy & Ariane Belisle

Fresh off the plane from Gallery Weekend Berlin’s 13th edition – a unique art fair that unites Berlin’s major galleries with international collectors, curators and art lovers – I wanted to discuss this incredible experience for my Haute Living series Collecting Art The Smart Way.

The entire two days of gallery hopping were spent – day and night – with my partner in crime, Ariane Belisle, the founder of AIB Art Advisory, a London-based art advisory firm offering art investment advice and specialist services to private collectors and corporate clients. She is someone I love working with but have also grown to love and trust. Thus, we decided to write the entire article with our two pairs of hands, side by side on our flight back to London. 

Ariane Belisle: I contacted Marine on a gloomy London Tuesday asking her if she wanted to visit a city that was, at the time, completely foreign to us both. The plan was to fully immerse ourselves in the weekend festivities. Within a few hours, our tickets were booked and we were off to Berlin. Both avid art lovers (with incessant cravings for all that is Haribo), we came out the other side mostly unscathed with a renewed appreciation for the Berlin art scene… And perhaps a little wiser due to our run-in with the police. 

Here’s what we learned on the ground. It’s a guide we invite you to follow for Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018, although safe souls and rule lovers may want to avoid most of our advice. Risk takers and free spirits, please read on.

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