Art Night London

Interview for Candid Magazine: "An Interview with the Curator Marine Tanguy Ahead of Art Night London"

Marine Hardeman, Art Night , 2017

Marine Hardeman, Art Night , 2017

Published in Candid Magazine, 27 June 2017

On July 1st 2017, the streets of East London will be transformed with art, performance and music. Encouraging the public to view art and the city through a new lens, Art Night focuses on a specific area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture. Few artists are better equipped than Marine Hardeman to create a dialogue between the city and visual arts. For this particular project, she will be spotlighting sewer drains with a ballet of lights. Candid Magazine’s Ariane Belisle sat down with the curator of the installation and CEO of MTArt, Marine Tanguy, to discuss the project.

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