Text for Disi Couture: "DC Art: 10 Artists to Watch"

Louis Nicolas Darbon, Smoking Hot, 2017

Louis Nicolas Darbon, Smoking Hot, 2017

Published in Disi Couture, 10 April 2017

London-based art advisor, founder & managing Director of AIB Art Advisory Ariane Belisle spends her days scouting the world for new artistic talent. In collaboration with Disi Couture, Ariane talks about her experience and listed 10 emerging artists to watch.

“If there is one thing that I have learnt working with private collectors and corporate clients, it is that there is no formulaic approach to art collecting. The reasons behind the acquisition of a particular work can be as diverse as the art world itself. While there is no specific set of criteria when building a collection, factors – namely, aesthetic value, concept and execution, as well as provenance, exhibition and publication history – can guide us to make an informed decision and an intelligent investment.” says Ariane Belisle.

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